After graduating from the University of Vermont, Brett Cameron began her planning career in the corporate world as an AVP at Citigroup and Barclay’s, handling logistics for four-day training programs for directors, annual conferences for top executives, and international board meetings. She also administered hospitality initiatives at Barclays PGA Tour Golf Tournament (two years,) the U.S. Tennis Open (two years), a CEO-level ski outing in Aspen, and exclusive Citigroup galas at the MET, MOMA and Frick museums. After six years in her corporate career, she planned her own special event, her wedding, which showed her the need for the creation and management of imaginative, custom events on a different scale. The hallmarks of LMF, which she cofounded two years ago, are originality and professionalism, attention to detail and attentiveness to people. “We listen closely,” says Cameron, “and continue a dialogue of inspiration throughout the event process.” Busy people, at work or play, have high expectations. They demand the resources and backup to create exceptional outcomes and enduring memories. “Our work is fun, but we take it seriously,” concludes Cameron.  “We’re in the business of fulfilling lifelong dreams.”


Deanna Marano, co-founder of LMF, a native of New York, started her career in the fashion and accessory industry, helping develop and launch collections with luxury brands such as Calvin Klein and Ghurka.  After 10 years in the fashion industry, Deanna started her own event planning company in 2003, Deanna Marano Events.  Inspired by fashion, Deanna created a fantasy world for her clients dressing their festivities and weddings with classic to modern table and space designs accompanied by panache accoutrements.  Her meticulous attention to detail and creative edge has drawn the attention of high profile magazines such as Town & Country Weddings, Quest Magazine, Greenwich Magazine, Brides and others.  Deanna’s passion is all about aesthetic, taking a vision and creating beautiful events, intimate gatherings and soirées enjoyable and distinctly memorable.