La Maison Fête is a full scale event planning company founded by Brett Cameron and Deanna Marano. Our expansion into the boutique rental business allows La Maison Fête to provide a curated collection of table top, making every table we design an experience for your guests.  Taking beautiful elements and mixing them with your personal style and our professional experience, we are dedicated to designing elegant and seamless events.  La Maison Fête understands what is unique to each client and translates that vision.


Our philosophy at La Maison Fête is to procure beautiful and flawless events for each of our clients.  With surrounding ourselves with amazing talent, La Maison Fête  crafts every event with the highest quality of design and service.  


LMF designs the unexpected for every occasion. Weddings, dinners, galas, birthdays, luncheons, holidays and cocktail parties, we make every party unique. Taking beautiful elements and mixing them with your personal objects and style, we create a party with your vision and our experience. 

Everything is ordered and delivered to you by our team the day of your party.  We source and confirm all the details, transport the rental inventory, set your table to perfection and stage your entertaining areas.  


We have carefully chosen a collage of colors, textures and patterns for our rental collection.  Each piece that we have sourced, can be mixed and matched with each other to create a stylish, modern and sophiscated party.  We love mixing different styles and helping to reinvent your table.


LMF specializes in full-service event planning & management. LMF understands what is unique to each client and translates that vision into an original, distinctive occasion, whatever its size and scope.